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The Sales Escalator Program

Understanding Customer Psychology
            The Right Brain always decides – How to activate the Customer’s Right Brain?
             How to elicit an emotional response from the Customer?
             How to get the Customer emotionally involved in the Sale?
             How to go to the feeling level of the Customer?
             How to scientifically find out whether the Customer is speaking the truth?
             How to build deep rapport & trust so that the Customer believes you?
             Appealing to the Customer’s  Subconscious Mind.
            How to create a Customer’s Buying Mood?
How to Handle Objections
           Why do Prospects ask the Price before everything?
           How to Handle Price Objections?
           Six Types of Objections to Handle
          Developing a Bullet Proof Answer for every Objection
          How Testimonials help overcome Objections
         Converting an Objection into a Question
         Importance of Listening
         Objection V/S Condition
         Feel, Felt, Found Technique
         Nine Common Objections you will encounter
         Overcoming General Sales Resistance
         Last Ditch Objections
        What are Key Objections?
        How to identify Key Objections?
        The Sandwich Technique
Making the Sale
            Uncovering Customer’s Needs
            When the customer says, “I want to think it over”
            Show, Tell, Ask
            How to make the Decision happen?
            Logic or Emotion?
            Listening – Key to Success
            When to ask Closed Ended Questions?
            When to ask Open Ended Questions?
            Silence – the most powerful technique
            Why Questions are so Powerful?
            What is the attention span of Prospects?
            How to involve the Prospect?
            Why to use Visual Aids?
            Painting Emotional Pictures
            The Power of a Story
Why do People Buy?
            Why does the Prospect want to buy your product?
            Desire for Gain or Fear of Loss
            Who are Early Adaptors?
            Who are Late Adaptors?
            Buying Motives :
                        Making or Saving Money
                        Security – Physical, Financial, Emotional……..
                        Status, Respect & Prestige
                        Pleasure or Fulfillment
                        Improving Physical Quality of Life
                        Power & Influence
                        Love & Companionship
                        Personal Growth
            Telling is not Selling
            The Halo Effect                     
            What are key benefits?
            How to identify key benefits?
            What is the 90-10 rule?
            What is a Hot Button?
            How to identify a Hot Button?
Buying Signals
           What are Buying Signals?
           How to Recognize the Buying Signals?
           Why do Customers give Signals?
           How to Interpret Buying Signals?
           Do Buying Signals vary with Regions?
           What to do when a Customer gives a Buying Signal?
           Can a Customer give you wrong Buying Signals?
How to find your Prospective Customers
            Where & How to search for Prospective Customers
            Reaching out to Prospective Customers
            Building Retail Customer Traffic
Qualifying your Prospects
            How to Qualify Prospects?
            Who is a Cold Prospect
            Who is a Warmt Prospect
            Who is a Hot Prospect
            Converting Cold Prospects into Warm/Hot Prospects
Techniques of Getting Appointments
           Planning your Introduction
           Breaking Prospect’s Preoccupation
           Developing a good Opening Question
           Testing the Effectiveness of your Opening Question
           How to use Social Proof in your Opening
           What to do when a Prospect is not willing to give an Appointment
           What to do when a Prospect rejects you
Closing the Sale
            The Negative Answer Close
            The Ascending Close
            The Approach Close
            The Demonstration Close
            The Invitational Close
            The Ultimatum Close
            The Secondary Close
            The Alternative Close
            The Assumption Close
            The Take Away Close
            The Summary Close
            The Puppy Close
            The Ben Franklin Close
            The Order Sheet Close
            The Relevant Story Close
            The Walk Away Close
            The Today Only Close
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