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Every person embodies unique characteristics that make each of us different from everyone else on this planet: fingerprints, personalities, hair and eye color, likes and dislikes, fears and dreams, just to name a few. We also have individualized writing styles, which can give others a glimpse into our uniqueness.


The analysis of a person’s handwriting is referred to as graphology. It has been around since the days of Aristotle and has grown and developed over time into the detailed tool that it is today. Handwriting is the process by which your personality is presented to the world. Graphology is the study of all graphic movement within a given sample of script in order to gain a clear understanding of the mental, emotional and physical states of the writer. Once you know how to read these movements, by studying and using graphology, you will never look at handwriting in the same way again. You will be able to delve into the thoughts, feelings and actions of others simply through handwriting analysis


Graphology is fun. It is addicting and an intriguing resource that you can use to find out more about the people in your life including friends, family and acquaintances. You can even understand, through handwriting, people you do not know.


Handwriting is often referred to as brainwriting because it is a term that more accurately describes what happens when we put words to paper. Brainwriting reveals who we are and how we behave, think and feel, thus revealing the qualities that are unique to each of us.


When you first learned how to write, you practiced letter creation and perfecting what you were taught in school. Then, as you grew, your writing developed into more than just the standard block style letters. A squiggle here, a loop there—all of these small details in your writing reflect a part of your personality. Once you understand the different meanings associated with handwriting traits, you will be able to tell who is telling the truth and who is lying, who is a hopeless romantic and who is not, who is a loyal person and who will run at the first sign of trouble. With knowledge of graphology, you will be able to tell more than you ever thought possible about people that you may have previously thought you knew well.


Graphology cannot tell you a person’s age, sex, profession, race/ethnic origin, religion, sexual preference, if she is right-handed or left-handed or anything about her future.


What can graphology do for you on a personal level?

It can give you an accurate means to understanding your own personality and character traits. You may even discover certain realizations that you have hidden from yourself while uncovering your strengths and weaknesses. You can utilize the information that you have discovered to work on yourself to obtain more balance within your life on many levels. You can use this information to choose a career, understand your health and develop a keener understanding of the kind of person you want to be versus the kind of person you are.


Graphology can help you understand others better as well. It can clue you in to the moods, the core personality and specific character traits of those around you. If you want to get along with someone better, take a look at their handwriting. You may discover that they have hidden fears that are causing them to put up walls. If that is the case then you can determine the best way to approach them to help bring down those walls.

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