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  • Develops Leadership Skills
The key to being an effective leader requires specific mental and behavioral skills. With the help of NLP is it possible to define and explore some specific models, principles and skills that will allow you to be a more successful leader. It is the “How to’s” of effective leadership.
  • Assists in Team Building
A number of NLP principles and methods may be applied in order to support successful team building. Rapport building activities greatly facilitate the relationship of team members to one another.
Identifying shared values and aligning different capabilities and actions in relation to a common vision and mission creates a sense of integration between group members. This is essential for people to begin to form teams.
Developing communication skills and the ability to sort and interpret non verbal meta messages, and familiarity with the Precision Model helps group members to coordinate their thoughts and activities and work together more efficiently.
A key competence in forming an effective team is the ability of team members to take different perceptual positions.
  • Helps Excel in Selling & Persuasion
There are various techniques in NLP which bypass the conscious mind. They address the unconscious mind directly.
We buy some products very impulsively and wonder why? We like some stranger even without knowing the reason and wonder why? 
The answers to our questions above lie in the study of NLP.
These techniques are so powerful that we can persuade somebody in much lesser time than the conventional techniques. The best part about these techniques is that the person who is persuaded believes that he is acting with his own free will. He does not feel any pressure which are often felt in conventional high pressure persuasion techniques.
  • Improves Motivation Levels
How a person gets motivated to do a particular job depends on the coding in the brain. If the codling in the brain is not positive for that particular job a person does not get motivated to do that job. NLP changes the coding in the mind for that particular job and the person gets motivated for that particular job. For example a person may get motivated to do an X activity but may not get motivated to do a Y activity. NLP helps the person get motivated into doing activity X as well as activity Y.
NLP teaches the secrets that allow some people to motivate themselves easily and effectively while others agonize and procrastinate. It shows the four motivational styles that prevents successful motivation and how to become an excellent motivator of self and others
  • Enhances Decision Making
NLP helps people make their own decisions. Some people naturally decide for themselves, while others are easily impressed and swayed by the opinions of others.
Whether the decision is big or small, most of us use a similar thinking style. Inappropriate decision making style can cause inaction, agonizing or regret. NLP teaches how effective decision making is easy efficient and satisfying
NLP helps people make their own decisions. Every company needs decision makers. If a manager cannot make decisions quickly, then he proves to be ineffective. NLP can help a person get over this problem and teach him how to make decisions, bringing the unconscious into play.
  • Creates Positive Relationships and Helps in Team Building
NLP helps people create rapport and relationships. Rapport and  relationship is very important for team building. If there is no proper rapport then team building becomes difficult.  NLP creates rapport among people quickly. NLP teaches powerful persuasion strategies. Persuasion is needed at every level, from the bottom up to the top. Persuasion is needed in every walk of life.
  • Increases Self Confidence
NLP helps in building one’s self confidence. A self confident person can perform much better than a non confident one. Many of the theories of management very clearly show that a person’s motivation is related to ones level of confidence. A person may not be motivated to do some work because the person is not confident about doing it. Such a person may be able, may have the ability to do the job, yet may lack the motivation due to lack of confidence. NLP can develop a person’s confidence quickly.
  • Develops Achievement Motivation
Every company is in search of people who are achievement motivated. Achievement is a criteria of the mind. Some people are fun loving, while others want to achieve. There are so many criteria that a person sets for himself. Some criteria that a person sets for himself are productive for the company while others are not. NLP can help shift criteria and give more importance to those criteria which are helpful for the company. NLP can help people become achievement motivated or whatever traits a company wants installed in its employees.
  • Deals with Anxiety & Stress
NLP can help a person get over anxiety and stress. There are techniques by which a person can influence his state of mind. With the power to influence ones own state of mind, one can choose the state of mind one wants to be in. A person has more choice each and every time.
  • Helps Excel in Verbal Communication
The words that we use has a tremendous impact on the other person. What we say and when we say is important. Not only the words the sequence of our phrasing also has an impact. When we reframe some sentence, the entire impact changes. Therefore the advertising world uses words so very careful. Using Time and Space Language also creates impact. The shifting of tenses and verbs is also very effective.
All this a lot more can be learnt with the study NLP.
  • Helps Excel in Non Verbal Communication
We are communicating all the time. Everything that we do is Communication. 90% of Communication is Non Verbal. This Non Verbal communication is very quickly picked by the unconscious mind. How do we come to know when somebody is staring at us from behind? How do we get hunches? Our unconscious is all the time gathering the Nov Verbal communication and evaluating it.  We at times feel that something is not right about the opposite person. How do we get this feeling?
  • Gains Positive Mental Attitude
NLP helps a person in securing a positive mental attitude. In management circles it is said that attitude is the most important thing. NLP helps to create it real fast. A person undergoing a training program does not develop, if the person’s attitude is not positive. NLP helps to create a positive mental attitude quickly.
  • Facilitates Peak Performance
NLP helps in achieving peek performance. Every company needs to have peek performers. The brain has definite coding for peek performance. NLP knows how to find these codes from the brain for peek performance and replicates it.
  • Increases Creativity
NLP can help increase the creativity of a person. There are definite ways how a person can be more creative with the use of NLP.
  • Changes Belief Systems
NLP can help a person change his belief system. Changing beliefs is one of the most difficult things to do. People have limiting beliefs about themselves. These are the identity beliefs which people often associate with themselves and are unable to progress in life. NLP quickly helps a person get rid of limiting beliefs about one’s self and get into positive beliefs which will help the person progress.
  • Improves Time Management
Most of the time management programs only show what a person is supposed to do in order to manage the time properly.  Time management is a more deeper concept which has its roots at the unconscious level. Most of the time management workshops are for those people who don’t manage their time properly. Why these people don’t manage their time properly?  There are deep routed reasons for it. And these reasons are at the unconscious mind. Those people who don’t manage their time properly will never manage it even if they attend a thousand workshops on time management.  NLP can help a person to manage his time very quickly by making the required changes in the unconscious mind.
  • Eliminates Fears and Phobias
NLP helps people get over their fears and phobias. However old the fear or phobia may be, NLP helps the person get rid of it fast. The fear or phobia may be of something that has happened in the past or it could be something that may happen in the future. People have fear of heights, fear of water, fear of reptiles, fear of animals, etc. People fear of the future like fear of bankruptcy, losing one’s beloved, insecurity of the future, or a fear of any event that may occur in the future.
  • Increases Positive Self Esteem
NLP also helps to create positive self esteem in a person. A person with negative self esteem is a poor performer. Because of lack of self esteem, there are so many things a person cannot achieve in life. These are the road blocks that a person perceives due to lack of self esteem. This is a gross loss to a company. When a person’s self esteem is bolstered he becomes more productive and a better performing person in the company. 
  • Eliminates Compulsions
NLP can help eliminate compulsions. Compulsions are of various types. Compulsion to do work, is not a good trait for the employee. This could lead to a burn out and thus low productivity. NLP can get rid of any type of compulsions quickly. Compulsions could be eating compulsions, anger, addictions, etc. Compulsions could be of eating chocolates, of doing certain acts, of avoiding certain acts etc.
  • Helps in Responding to Criticism
NLP can teach a person to respond to criticism constructively. Every criticism has a positive feedback which can prove very helpful if its taken in a proper manner. If a person responds to the criticism negatively then a lot of feedback is lost which could otherwise mean better productivity for the company.
  • Develops Independent Relationships
NLP can teach people to become more independent in relationships. It teaches a person to increase the ability to make self evaluation and reduce dependence on others opinions. It includes a process for moving beyond codependence.
  • Heals Traumas
NLP helps in healing traumas. A trauma that has occurred in a persons life may limit a persons performance. NLP helps a persons get over traumas and convert it into something positive.
  • Develops Assertiveness
NLP teaches a person to become assertive. Assertion is very important because when a person says “Yes” when he actually wants to say “No”, it proves very harmful for that person and to the company.
  • Resolves Grief
NLP teaches a person how to resolve grief. A person who has lost somebody very close may suddenly become very ineffective and very unproductive in his work. NLP can quickly resolve the grief of such a person and help the person move on positively in life with the essence of the lost person.
  • Resolves Internal Conflicts
NLP teaches how to resolve internal conflicts. A person having internal conflicts reduces his productivity. What do we do when one part of us wants to do one thing, while another part of us wants to do something else? NLP teaches how to reach a satisfying and comfortable resolution to conflicts.
  • Resolves Shame and Guilt
NLP helps a person recover from shame and guilt. Shame is being recognized as a toxic emotion that binds people to addiction and codependence. NLP teaches one to understand how to rapidly and gracefully transform these destructive emotions into an empowering sense of self.
  • Deals with disaster
NLP teaches how to deal with disaster. It helps someone who has narrowly avoided a fatal accident and makes the person recover from the resulting panic. It helps the person gain a greater sense of competence and self esteem.
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