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NLP can be applied to many more areas as per the need of the company.
In short wherever a behavioral, attitudinal, values, beliefs or identity change is needed, NLP can be of great help.
NLP gives the theory and also teaches how to put it into practice.
Thus NLP does not only teach what to do, it also teaches how to do it?
One important aspect of NLP is that a module on training  with NLP has two aspects :
  1. A training module may be fully based on NLP
  2. A training module may use NLP as a tool to bring change even if the original  module is a conventional one.
The following practices of a manager can happen faster with the help of NLP. 
  • Leading with NLP
The models of effective leadership can easily taught.
Leadership is basically a set of skills and behviour that one needs to master in order to become an effective leader.
These skills and behaviours can be put into  practice with the help of NLP.
Leadership skills and behaviours take a much longer time to master with other conventional tools. With NLP this mastery happen quickly and permanently.
  • Planning with NLP
A manager can be taught planning. He may be taught the concept of planning. But unless and until necessary changes are brought about in his behavior, he will not be able to plan immediately. For example this particular problem has got a connection with the timeline of the manager. Every person arranges time in his unconscious mind in some definite way. If it is not the right way, then chances are that the person will not be able to plan. Some people just don’t see the future. They don’t have a future timeline. Such people may be given numerous workshops on planning yet they will not be able to plan. With the help of NLP such people can be taught how to plan.
  • Organizing with NLP
Same is the case with organizing. If organizing is not an important criteria in a persons mind, then any number of workshop on organizing, will not be able to make the person organized. He may know what organizing is all about, but never be able to implement it.
  • Coordinating, Directing & Controlling with NLP
Same is the case with coordinating, directing and controlling. All the functions of a manager will not be implemented by him unless behavioral changes are brought about in the manager.
  • Delegating with  NLP
A manager may know that delegation is very important and necessary for him to become effective. However he will not be able to bring about the behavioral changes that are needed for delegation. NLP can bring about behavioral changes in the person so that he starts delegating.
It is the same case like a person knowing theoretically how to ride a bicycle or a person knowing theoretically how to do skating. But unless and until the person develops the skills of skating he will not be able to skate.
For example if a person is not hard working and is expected to work hard. However much external supervision is made on such a person, one will not be able to convert him into a hard working person.
Another example is a person who is not a high achiever. One may try to pressurize him externally to any extent to achieve. Such a person will only achieve in a mediocre fashion, till the supervision is present. The moment he gets a leeway he will stop that mediocre level of achievement too.
  • Motivating with NLP
NLP will help the manager is the area of motivation. All the motivation models only show a manager how to motivate other people. Whereas NLP shows a person how he can motivate himself. At the same time NLP also shows a person to help others motivate themselves. There is no theory on motivation which goes so deep inside a person’s unconscious and helps him get motivated. NLP goes deeply into the structure of the unconscious and helps a person get motivated in doing something he is not motivated to do. Therefore the motivation that the person receives is more permanent and much easier to attain. For example a person just does not feel motivated to do paper work. However that person is highly motivated to do creative work. Now if a manager tries to apply the motivation models to get this person motivated he may seldom succeed. But a few NLP exercises can get this person motivated in doing the paper work very quickly.
Another example would be a person may not be orderly in his work. He may be very haphazard but may be a good performer otherwise. NLP can quickly get this person orderly in his work. In short NLP can help a person achieve whatever behavioral changes a person wants to achieve in a very short span of time.
  • Improving Supervision with NLP
A person may be supervising yet he may miss so many things in his supervision work. This may so happen because his sensory abilities are not heightened. For example he may not have the visual capacity or auditory capacity to take the minutest details that are happening on the shop floor.
NLP increases the visual and auditory capacities of a person so that he becomes a better supervisor.
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