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The most important thing that a training program would be looking for would be a change in behavior, attitude, values, beliefs or identity. Training programs try to bring about a modification by various methods. These surely are time tested and premium methods that have brought results in the past. However these methods take a much longer time for change to take place. The modern day change can be very quickly brought about through NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).
Neuro Linguistic Programming bypasses the conscious mind and goes straight into the unconscious mind. Research shows that any change that is to be brought about in an individual has to be brought about at the unconscious level. Behavior, attitude, values, beliefs and identity preside at an unconscious level. Unless the change is brought about at an unconscious level, the change is only temporary. Therefore what other training programs would achieve in 5 sessions, a program in NLP would achieve in just 2 sessions.
NLP can be applied to any area as per the need of the company.
Wherever a behavioral, attitudinal, values, beliefs or identity change is needed, NLP can be of great help.
NLP teaches persuasion strategies and also shows how to master them. These persuasion strategies bypass the listeners conscious mind and reach the unconscious directly. The persuader therefore will face very little resistance from the listener.  These persuasion strategies of NLP are so powerful that they are guaranteed to increase the sales of a company.
These persuasion strategies can also be used by the Executives in persuading the subordinates and all those who need to be persuaded.
Here is an example to demonstrate the power and speed of NLP. If a person has fear about doing a certain job, this fear cannot be removed with any amount of conscious efforts. If this person attends a 10 day program which addresses the fear at the conscious level, he will not be able to get rid of his fear. The trainer may try his best to bring about a change by making the person consciously realize that fear is absolutely irrational. Whatever be the efforts of the trainer at the conscious level, the fear will remain. If we are given an opportunity we can remove this fear from a group of 25 to 50 people in just 15 minutes. The fear will be removed with a guarantee.
In a corporate scenario a person may be taught a number of strategies and styles or leadership. These strategies and styles of leadership so learnt, will not become a part of their behaviour, unless a change occurs at an unconscious level. Therefore teaching strategies and styles of leadership, are just one part of the story. NLP teaches the styles and strategies of leadership and also helps to engrain them in the person’s unconscious mind, so that they become a permanent feature with the individual.
NLP has the power to bring about any change that one requires. Most training programs teach the participants what to do. It is all content based. How ever NLP teaches what to do as well as how to do something.
Some people feel that NLP is madness. However if one realizes that there is a method in its madness, life will be very different.
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