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Our training methodology is highly interactive. Each participant is made to interact during training sessions.
We make use of Experiential form of learning. We make every participant see, hear and feel the concepts being discussed. An example here would help. Assume we were to teach the participants what is a prick of an injection. We may explain this concept in a 1000 words. Yet the concept would not register adequately with the participants. As per our present methodology we inject the participants with a syringe and needle. This will register with the participants immediately.  They will remember this experience for their entire life.
The tools we use for experiential form of learning are,  games, role-plays, exercises, questionnaires, case discussions, workplace analysis and experience sharing.
The focus of our training is behaviour modification and skill building. An example would help. Assume we are to train participants in car driving or swimming. We can teach the principles of car driving or swimming to the participants in a classroom setting. However, after learning these principles, would the participants be able to drive or swim ? These principles have to become a skill which in turn will modify behaviour. The participant has to undergo the four stages of learning i.e. Unconscious Incompetence, Conscious Incompetence, Conscious Competence and Unconscious Competence. Unless participants reach the level of Unconscious Competence there will be no modification in their behaviour. This is incomplete training and the company has not received their money’s worth.
We train participants till they reach a level of Unconscious Competence.
We provide participants with Personal Feedback and Specific individual support to help them grow.
Our training is more like personal coaching.
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