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Module on Effective Oral Communication for Management
The Importance of Communication in Your Job
With Whom Do You Communicate?
Definitions of Communication
The Media of Communication
Emphasis on Speaking and Listening
      Your Rating in Communication
      Tests and Observations Reveal Low Efficiency
      The Difficulty Exists on All Levels
      The Danger of Smugness
      Problems in Communicating
      Failure to Recognize the Importance of Communication
      Unwillingness to Communicate Freely and Honestly
      Placing Yourself on a Pedestal when Promoted to Management
      Identifying Yourself with Your Group too Strongly
      Actions Inconsistent with Promises
Blaming Others for Misunderstandings Reading Silence as Agreement
The Factor of Distance Transmitting and Receiving Ideas Poorly     
What Is Your Communication Profile?
Speaking: A Fundamental Aspect of Communication
Better Understanding
Greater Cooperation
Higher Morale
Greater Profits
Physical and Environmental Factors and Talking
Listen to Your Voice
Open Your Mouth and Use Your Organs of Speech
Talk Loudly Enough to Overcome Noise
Keep Objects out of Your Mouth and Avoid Mannerisms
Look at Your Listener
Keep Your Mind on What You Are Saying
Positive Attitudes and Talking
Change Your Tone Language
Reflect Genuine Friendliness
Use Positive words
Avoid offensive Words
Call People by the Names They Like
Use Phrases that Build
Positive Habits and Talking
Greet every One of Your Men Every Day
Say Please
Tell the Employee Why
Use Names Often
Praise Is the Extra Touch
Watch Your words
Beware of Trade Jargon
Eliminate Words Used to Impress
Adapt Your Words to Your Listener
Beware of Cliches and Ambiguities
Never Use Words to Deceive
Make Sure You Are Understood
What Is Your Speaking Profile?
Listening: The Most Overlooked Tool of Management
Listening Results in Effective Leadership
To Understand Your Men
Listen to Them
Listening Helps to Avoid Grievances
Listen for Rich Ideas
Listen to Increase Your Men’s Self Respect
Listen to Persuade Help Your Men through Listening
Listening Is Also Important in Your Home
How to Improve Your Listening Skills
Physical and Environmental Factors In Listening
Check Your Hearing
Appear Relaxed
Avoid Distractions and Interruptions
Make an Extra Effort when It’s Uncomfortably Hot
Make Allowances for Noise
Take Light into Consideration
Positive Attitudes and Listening
Remember That the Men Are Important
Soft Pedal
Accent You Respect Different Viewpoints
Cooperate with the Speaker
Cooperate with Your Men
Positive Habits and Listening
Let Your Version Wait
Look at the Speaker
Concentrate on What He Is Saying
Do One Thing at a Time
Take Time to Listen
Be Sincere in Your Listening
Hearing Words Is Not Enough
Be Alert to Intended Meanings
Go Beyond the Words
Work for Empathy
Tips on How to Remember
What Is Your Listening Profile?
Conversing with Your Men
Take an Inventory of Your Skill
Extend Your Range of Interests
Broaden Your Background
What Is Your Conversation Profile?
Conferring with Each One of Your Men in Planned Contacts
Do Not Avoid Conferences
Calendar Your Planned Contacts
Prepare Beforehand
Get Away from the Office
Follow a Plan
What is Your Man-to-man Conference Profile?
Leading and Participating in Conferences
The Value of Group Conferences
Planning the Conference
Leading the Meeting
Cues to Help You Succeed as a Leader
Cues to Help You Succeed as a Group Member
What Is Your Group Membership Profile?
Giving Talks
Obstacles That Keep You from Giving Talks
Preliminary Planning
Planning Your Talks
Suggestions for Off-the-job Talks
Delivering Your Talk
What Is Your Speaker Profile?
Talking over the Telephone
Before Telephoning
When Telephoning
Receiving Calls
What Is Your Telephone Profile?
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