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What is Leadership?
 The Background and Classic Studies on Leadership
            The Iowa Leadership Studies
            The Ohio State Leadership Studies
            The  Early Michigan Leadership Studies
Established  Theories of  Leadership
Trait  theories of   Leadership
            Group and Exchange Theories of  Leadership
                        Followers’ Impact on Leaders
                        The vertical Dyad Linkage Model 
            Contingency Theory  of   Leadership
                        Fiedler’s  Contingency  Model  of  Leadership  Effectiveness
                        Research Support  for Contingency  Model
                        Critical  Analysis  of the  Contingency  Model
                        Applications of Fiedler’s Work
            Path – Goal  Leadership  Theory
                        Directive Leadership
                        Supportive Leadership
                        Participative Leadership
                        Achievement oriented Leadership
Emerging  Theoretical Frameworks  for  Leadership
Charismatic  Leadership  Theories
            Transformation  Leadership  Theories
            A  Social  Learning  Approach
Substitutes for  Leadership
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